Your Randolph Business Connection


Your Randolph Business Connection

Business Spotlight: JT’s Confections, LLC

For four years, JT’s Confections’ owner John Tompkins has brought a variety of sweet treats and community pride to Randolph Township. An array of chewy caramels, crunchy toffees, gourmet chocolates and more are crafted and served at his 1206 Sussex Turnpike location, providing many locals with tasty confections made only out of the best ingredients.

The mission statement of JT’s Confections is, “To help those who help others.” They passionately adhere to this mission by proactively participating with several organizations in Randolph, Morristown and New Providence, as well as with various national organizations. When asked what contributes to his businesses success in Randolph, Tompkins stated, “Having a family that keeps me focused, and finding great people to work for me who believe in what we do.” JT’s Confections was selected as one of three award recipients for Randolph’s Economic Development Committee’s 2018 annual Business Achievement Award, a prestigious recognition that commemorates businesses who have successfully contributed to Randolph’s economy and community.

To learn more about JT’s Confections visit or call 908.377.9199.

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