Your Randolph Business Connection

Why Shop Local?

There are many reasons why shopping local for products and services, dining and other needs is beneficial. Not only is it a more distinctive and personal experience, but it also helps the local business community remain strong and vibrant. Below are several key reasons to support Randolph businesses.


Large retail stores are often required to sell products at the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, with little flexibility for deviation. However, local businesses have the flexibility to adjust prices on their merchandise when desired. They also often have more unique items than the larger retail stores.

Customer Service

Owners of local businesses take pride in their merchandise, in customer satisfaction, and in their community. This often translates into higher quality products, familiarity of customers and their needs, and a greater level of mutual trust.

Community Support

Local businesses often support the various recreational teams and charitable events in the community. By actively participating in the community, residents become familiar with the businesses and their owners on a more personal level, and are more likely to support them. This bolsters the local economy, and makes the community more desirable.

A Place to connect with Friends and Neighbors

Spending time with friends and neighbors at the local eateries and shops creates a more desirable and unified community.

Creates Jobs

Supporting local businesses creates the need for owners to hire more employees. Local business owners often hire from within the community, particularly the younger residents who are just entering the work force.

Growing Economic Strength

Local businesses contribute heavily to the local economy. Studies have shown that for every $100 spent in locally owned businesses, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures.

Travel Time

A strong local business community provides for more convenient access to goods and services, and lessens travel time and gas usage.

Increased Property Value

A strong local business community provides for more convenient access to goods and services, and lessens travel time and gas usage.

Facilitate Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurs are a critical component of our economy. New businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them keep the local economy vibrant. They see a need and offer products and services that, without their efforts, would not otherwise be available in our community.

Community Identity

Local businesses contribute significantly to a town's identity. Interesting and unique businesses are often destinations, which become synonymous with the town's name, giving it personality and character.