Your Randolph Business Connection


Your Randolph Business Connection

Applications Open for MCCC Leadership Morris Class of 2022

Leadership Morris is a community education program offered by the Morris County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) to provide business leaders and nonprofit executives with information about the opportunities, challenges, institutions, and people residing within Morris County.

Participants in the program will work with a class of 30 individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of experience to learn about the challenges and opportunities in Morris County through community involvement. The selected class of recognized leaders and professionals will learn about professional development, community education, community trusteeship, and business networking.

The Morris County Chamber of Commerce is accepting applications to join the 2022 Leadership Morris Program. Apply by Friday, December 7 at

Interested Candidates must:

  • Provide evidence of career or community achievement 
  • Have an interest in serving Morris County
  • Live, work or conduct business in Morris County
  • Contribute to the diversity of the class composition (large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental services, educational institutions, etc.) 

For more information about the program, such as cost and class schedules, visit


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