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Your Randolph Business Connection

All Under One Roof with Dr. Simon

Dr. David Simon has been working in Randolph since 1987, and has made a healthy impact on our community. Head of Randolph Pain Relief & Wellness Center (RPR&W), Dr. Simon has served what he calls his, “All-Under-One-Roof” approach to health and wellness, providing everything from chiropractic help, physical therapy, acupuncture, pain relief, orthopedics, to massage therapy.

RPR&W is best known for introducing cryotherapy for pain relief, which curbs the time of recovery from an injury by as much as 99% (cutting days into minutes). This technology utilizes cold temperature in a more effective and instant way than ice packs, and Dr. Simon’s team is one of the first to bring it outside of the world of professional sports leagues and to all of us. The center is also known for giving back to the community. RPR&W sponsors the annual Community Wellness Fest, located at Randolph Middle School, which, ‘Offers a unique, specialized, and community focused,’ approach to a range of health issues. Look out for the next Wellness Fest, planned for March, 2018, which will focus on sports recovery, senior citizen activity, and healthy alternatives to help combat the opioid epidemic. All of the proceeds are donated to community causes.

Thank you, Dr. Simon and the rest of RPR&W, for contributing to Randolph and providing quality local service.

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