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Your Randolph Business Connection

Business Spotlight: Missy and Linny Coffee Company

Missy and Linny Coffee Company is an online business that specializes in offering curated coffee from various regions of Colombia while working directly with Colombian farmers to distribute their products in the United States.

Business owners Missy Duque Alonso and Linette “Linny” Duque have familial ties to the production and harvesting of coffee dating back to the 1940s when their grandfather first purchased a plot of land to establish a coffee farm. Having spent their childhood summers at their grandfather’s farm, they learned firsthand the work and dedication that went into the development of each bag of coffee.

Missy and Linny Coffee Company offers a variety of coffee roasts ranging from regular to dark and varying from sweet cupping notes to fruity, smokey, and nutty. Today, the business owners, sisters, and company namesakes work with farmers from varying regions of Colombia to bring their customers authentic roasts from Risaralda, Nariño, Buesaco City, and Antioquia.

To learn more about Missy and Linny Coffee Company visit,, or call 908.627.1435.

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